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Who Are We?

 Collective Counseling & Consultation, LLC is a multicultural counseling agency located in Milwaukee, WI. We provide culturally competent and evidenced based psychotherapy services to individuals seeking support to better manage their lives. We offer in person appointments at our office in Milwaukee, WI, and virtual appointments statewide in Wisconsin. 

The Inspiration

The inspiration to establish Collective Counseling & Consultation arose from our founder Vanessa Minor's recognition of the disparities in mental health care access and outcomes among diverse communities. She saw a pressing need for a clinic that embraces and celebrates cultural diversity, provides culturally sensitive therapies, and eliminates barriers to mental health care.

Green Leaf

Our Mission

Collective Counseling and Consultation exists to provide a welcoming therapeutic space where the client’s full cultural and lived experience is accepted and embraced. We strive to provide culturally aware and respectful services that honor each individual's unique walk of life.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a premier multicultural counseling agency that is a representation of the population in which we serve by providing culturally informed services delivered by a culturally diverse staff.

Image by Erlend Ekseth

Our founder envisions the continued growth and expansion of our clinic's services to reach even more individuals from diverse backgrounds. They are determined to break down barriers to mental health care, reduce stigma, and ultimately improve the mental health and well-being of our community.

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