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Counselor providing one-on-one anxiety therapy session in a comfortable Milwaukee office setting

Barbara Bartlein, MSW, LCSW, RN


Professional Background


Barbara is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over four decades of experience in the field of mental health. She specializes in complex medical/mental health issues and has extensive experience working with individuals facing medical challenges, either for themselves or their family members.


Barbara was instrumental in setting up the first Hospice in Wisconsin. She has also served as an adjunct professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Continuing Education for over 20 years. As the former owner of multiple mental health clinics, she has provided and supervised services to hundreds of clients. Additionally, she previously managed psychiatric hospital and home care services for St. Mary’s Hospital.

Therapeutic Approach

Barbara employs cognitive-behavioral therapy to assist her clients in identifying effective solutions to their challenges. She creates a safe and empathetic environment, underpinned by a humble awareness of cultural issues. Through encouragement and validation, Barbara helps clients discover their inherent abilities and strengths. 

And sometimes, she is funny.


✨ Anxiety & Depression: Utilizing a range of cognitive-behavioral techniques, Barbara assists clients in identifying underlying thought patterns and belief systems that contribute to their emotional turmoil. This facilitates a more proactive approach to managing symptoms and adopting coping strategies. From generalized anxiety disorders to major depressive disorders, Barbara tailors her therapeutic interventions to meet the unique needs of each individual, thereby aiding them in regaining control and improving their quality of life.

✨ Grief & Loss: Barbara offers support for individuals dealing with the death of a loved one, divorce, or any other form of significant loss. Her approach is compassionate yet pragmatic, focusing on helping clients work through the stages of grief at their own pace. She provides tools for managing the often overwhelming emotions and helps her clients find a way to honor their loss while moving towards acceptance and healing.

✨ Complex Medical & Mental Health: Barbara helps to uplift and empower individuals who are dealing with the psychological ramifications of chronic illness, either in themselves or in a family member. Understanding that medical issues often bring about a unique set of emotional and psychological challenges, Barbara provides integrated care that addresses both the medical and mental health needs. She works closely with other healthcare providers and family members to ensure a holistic approach to her clients' well-being.


Your Journey to Wellness 

 Whether you are confronting anxiety, navigating the complexities of loss, or seeking an integrated approach to medical and mental health issues, Barbara offers a safe and empathetic setting for exploration and healing.


Is it time to take the first step towards better mental health? Let’s meet for a free consultation to see if our

approaches align. Schedule your appointment today.

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