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Counselor providing one-on-one anxiety therapy session in a comfortable Milwaukee office setting

Vanessa Minor, MS, LPC, CSAC

Founder, Clinical Director, Psychotherapist

Vanessa Minor is the founder of Collective Counseling & Consultation, LLC. Vanessa earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from Marquette University and a Masters of Science degree in Community Psychology from Alverno College.

With an extensive background in mental health, Vanessa brings a unique blend of expertise and passion to the field. Vanessa has over 15 years of experience in clinical practice, leadership, and organizational development.


Passion for Inclusivity

Vanessa’s vision was to create a space where individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds receive culturally sensitive and affirming mental health care. Vanessa is deeply committed to addressing the unique mental health needs and challenges faced by individuals from various ethnic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

Vanessa’s passion for inclusivity and diversity drives every aspect of Collective Counseling and Consultation’s mission. Vanessa believes that culturally competent care is not only about understanding different cultures, but also about recognizing the intersectionality of identities, such as race, gender, sexuality, and more.

Clinic Establishment

The inspiration to establish Collective Counseling and Consultation arose from Vanessa's recognition of the disparities in mental health care access and outcomes among diverse communities. She saw a pressing need for a clinic that embraces and celebrates cultural diversity, provides culturally sensitive therapies, and eliminates barriers to mental health care.

Cultural Competency Training

Vanessa is a strong advocate for ongoing cultural competency training within the mental health profession. She actively support her team in staying updated on best practices and the latest research in mental health.

Commitment to Clients

Vanessa’s unwavering commitment to clients is at the heart of our clinic's success. She believes in fostering a safe and supportive environment where clients feel understood, respected, and valued. Her dedication to individualized care ensures that every client receives the attention and treatment that best suits their unique needs.

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