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Clay Sims, MS, LPC, CSAC


Professional Background


Clay holds dual licensure as a Professional Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor and boasts an impressive academic journey from Waukesha Tech to Carroll University and finally, Mount Mary University, where he completed his master's in Clinical Counseling. With a career spanning over 18 years, Clay has dedicated himself to aiding individuals from diverse backgrounds in overcoming trauma and addiction, guiding them towards embodying their ideal selves. His extensive experience covers working with individuals across all age groups and settings in the mental health field.

Therapeutic Approach

Clay employs a therapeutic method deeply rooted in existentialism, striving to help clients align with their ideal selves through a partnership-based approach. Clay's practice is characterized by the use of storytelling and reflection to help clients explore their identities and experiences, promoting healing and personal growth.

Clay is dedicated to creating a welcoming and affirming space for LGBTQIA+ individuals, acting as both an ally and advocate. His commitment to empowering marginalized communities is a cornerstone of his work, enabling a journey of self-discovery and development for those he serves.


✨ Personal Agency and Perspective: Clay emphasizes the empowerment found in choosing responses to life's uncontrollable events and reframing struggles.

✨ Restoring Family Connections: He is skilled in mending relationships within families dealing with issues like substance abuse, infidelity, and conflicts, fostering healing and understanding.

✨ Overcoming Addiction: Clay supports individuals on their path to recovery from addiction, highlighting the potential for personal growth and stronger relationships as part of the healing process.

✨ Navigating Complex Trauma: Through a supportive journey, Clay aids clients in confronting and healing from deep-seated traumas for emotional freedom and symptom relief.

✨ Understanding and Healing Religious Trauma: He provides specialized support for those recovering from the effects of religious trauma, guiding them towards self-discovery and healing.

Your Journey to Wellness 

If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey towards healing, self-discovery, and personal growth, Clay is here to guide you. Whether you're navigating complex trauma, seeking to mend family relationships, or overcoming addiction, Clay's specialized support offers a path to empowerment and liberation. Don't hesitate to reach out and take the first step towards becoming the best version of yourself. Connect with Clay today to start your journey towards healing and fulfillment.


Is it time to take the first step towards better mental health? Let’s meet for a free consultation to see if our

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